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Here are presented following proposals

  1. Shuttle-transport for cars from Jorvas (Finland) to Tabasalu (Estonia)
  2. Shuttle-transport for cars from Kapellskär (Sweden) to Lemland (Åland islands) and to Karis (Finland)
  3. Railway below the Gulf of Finland from Jorvas (Finland) to Tallinn (Estonia)
  4. Standard gauge railway from Esbo to Jorvas and broad-gauge from Helsinki to Esbo
  5. Standard gauge railway from Jorvas to Karis
  6. Railway from Kapellskär (Sweden) to Karis (Finland) through Åland Islands and Turku archipelago
  7. Railway connection from Stockholm to Kapellskär
Color code for lines
       LIGHT_PINKplanned broad-gauge railway
       FUCHSIAPlanned HSR
       TOMATOrailwaybank at sea
       REDstandard gauge railway
       HOT_PINKstandard and broad gauge railway
       PINKbroad-gauge railway
       CRIMSONchanges to HSR
       ORANGErailway tunnel
       CORALtunnel or bridge
       STEEL_BLUEcar route
       DEEP_PINKrailwaybank or tunnel

These proposals will connect the traffic by land in the northern part of the Baltic. These proposals will also connect Rail Baltica and Europakorridoren , both projects of EU.

Outside these proposals are the possibility to use the connection around the Gulf of Bothnia or to transport through Sankt Petersburg, Russia, around the Gulf of Finland. There are also proposals to build a connection at Kvarken, from Umeå to Vasa, in the middle of the Gulf of Bothnia.

Distance and travel times
Stockholm - Helsinki4523:461:521:3027296.6 miles
Stockholm - Tallinn5084:142:51:4130337.5 miles
Tallinn - Helsinki1291:43125780.4 miles
Naisaar - Kakumäe tunnel8.74210.522railway tunnel II under the Gulf of Finland (5.4 miles)
Porkkala - Naissaar tunnel42.7211082railway tunnel I under the Gulf of Finland (26.5 miles)
Åland tunnel21.6610541railway tunnel under the Sea of Åland (13.5 miles)
Average speed columns in the table


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