Express to Reval

The express train to Tallinn starts at Stockholm Central (main railwaystation in Stockholm) and runs as the map above shows. Alltough today it seems to be far fetch it is still possible that enough passenger is found to make it cost effective.

The length of the journey is 543,2 km and it is possible that Tallinn is reached from Stockholm in about two hours depending on conditions on the railways. This should make the Express to Reval a very attractive alternative to flying from Stockholm to Tallinn.

Business reasons

Here some points why this railway should be built

Alternate route, a short cut

Note the short cut at Porkkala penninsula, to make the journey quicker. If there is no need for Jorvas and Kyrkslätt, why should we stop at theese stations ? It is really a question of finding a reason to stop at any station on the Finnish mainland.