Helsinki area

How to connect from Helsinki area to Jorvas railway station ?

If your destination is Tallinn or Stockholm and you are using train, forget about Jorvas and, board the train to Stockholm or Tallinn at Helsinki or at Esbo station. Possibly the startingpoint for high speed trains is at Esbo, not Helsinki, the reason is "broad-gauge railway". Today you can reach Esbo station by local train from Helsinki.

From an estonian perspective, you can use the "direct link" to Helsinki-Vantaa airport. By boarding the train to Finland (= Soome) and switch train at Huopalahti/Hoplax, for the airport train ( P-tain) you will reach the train station at Helsinki-Vantaa airport. Possibly the "direct link" will take one hour. A possibility is of course that a non-stop train-connection will be created from Tallinn by switching the direction at Huopalahti/Hoplax for Helsinki-Vantaa airport.